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History of the village

The village of Mrakovo originated in the XVIII century and was called the village of the Red Mosque. It is located at the picturesque banks of the Bolshoi Ik River.

In the second half of the XVI century, the Bashkir tribes voluntarily joined the Russian state. This act was drawn up documents relating to the year 1557. In those documents there is a mention of the Bashkir settlement “Red Mosque” on the river Ik. The red mosque used to call our settlement Mrakovo, because it had a mosque with a red roof. So for the first time in documents our native village is mentioned. The population is 110 yards, the inhabitants are 247 men, 222 women. One mosque, a market on Mondays. From Orenburg 150 miles.

Our story

Beekeeping in the Samoilov family is a family affair. Grandfather Ivan Ivanovich in tsarist times had an apiary. He managed to instill a love for the bees in his son Nikolai Ivanovich. The chasm of the family business in our time does not give Alexey Nikolaevich, who became a famous beekeeper in the area.

Alexey Nikolaevich began to increase the apiary, brought up to 150 bee colonies. Fortunately, Zarema Shaipovna’s wife and children are helping. In 1998, the Bee shop was opened in the village of Mrakovo, where villagers and guests can buy delicious honey of different varieties throughout the year.

Samoilov actively participate in various agricultural, honey fairs in Ufa. They represented the republic at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VDNH) “Golden Autumn” in Moscow, as well as at various events at fairs in the Republic of Belarus, Chelyabinsk, and Orenburg.

Our achievements

The Samoilov family was presented in the book of honor of the Kugarchinsky district.

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